Conservative councillor dismisses concerns from Pleasureland boss over triathlon

30th March 2022

Conservative councillor Mike Prendergast has responded to comments recently made by Southport Pleasureland owner, Norman Wallis.

Norman Wallis recently suggested that the forthcoming Southport Splashworld Triathlon should not be going ahead due to the impact it could have on local businesses with particular preference being given to the fact that the Pleasureland car park on Marine Drive will be closed for a short period.

Councillor Prendergast said, “The tourism/events sector in Southport looks to cater for a variety of interests and attract as wide a demographic as possible. As much as it may surprise Mr Wallis, tourism in Southport does not just revolve around Pleasureland, not everyone wants to go to the funfair.

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“There are plenty of other businesses who will see this event as a positive rather than a negative. Many of them will have been impacted by the Pandemic just as much as Pleasureland and whilst this event might not directly help Mr Wallis, it may well help other businesses

“As a town we need a wide range of events and attractions to support and grow our tourism industry. We can’t be a ‘one-trick pony’ and the triathlon and other events broaden the offering that our town can provide.”