Competitions in the UK To Enter Right Now

15th November 2023

The old saying, “You will never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket,” still holds true. With so many competitions going on right now, why not get involved and see if it is your lucky day to win big? There are many competitions in the United Kingdom right now, with many fantastic prizes up for grabs. From supercars to vast sums of money and luxurious holidays, today may be the day that your name gets pulled from the draw. Below, we will go through some of the top competitions you can enter and give yourself a chance to win a life-changing reward.

Dream Car Giveaways

First up on this list are competitions from Dream Car Giveaways that allow people to get their hands on some of the most luxurious, stunning cars and huge cash prizes. In addition, they also hold competitions for luxury brand watches and some fantastic technology, like the latest gaming consoles, e-bikes, Samsung bundles, home cinema bundles and much more. Being in the running for your dream car is as simple as entering the car raffle held on the Dream Car Giveaways website.

There are many competitions held by Dream Car Giveaways each day, allowing people to find a brand of car they would love to own and enter into the raffle for as little as £0.99. Perhaps you have always wanted to own your very own kitted-out camper van to go on amazing road trips with your family, or maybe you have a need for speed and want to drive a supercar; you will be able to find a vehicle to enter a draw to win with Dream Car Giveaways. Many competitions offer a cash prize as an alternative, meaning that if you don’t want the vehicle, you can choose a large sum of money instead and buy whatever you want.

Overnight Stay at Whatley Manor Hotel

This competition from Michelin gives you the chance to win a night’s stay at the Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. This prize is for two guests and includes a meal at the hotel’s restaurant, The Dining Room, which has a Michelin Green Star. The hotel has impressive facilities, including the Aquarius Spa, which offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a range of treatments to unwind and relax fully.

The rooms’ interior design is gorgeous, with extremely comfortable beds, encouraging guests to get a fantastic night’s sleep. The gardens surrounding the hotel are truly mesmerising, and you can walk around appreciating all the amazing flowers and greenhouses in a quiet and peaceful environment. It is entirely free to enter this competition, so if this sounds like something you may be interested in winning, what are you waiting for?

Year’s Supply of Coffee from Caffe Nero

The next competition on this list is for all coffee lovers, giving them the chance to win a year’s supply of coffee from Caffe Nero. Hosted by Yeo Valley, the competition will provide the winner with a voucher code, entitling them to a total of 365 drinks from Caffe Nero in a year. The code can be redeemed on the Caffe Nero app and is valid for all Caffe Nero establishments in the United Kingdom and Ireland participating in the competition. Again, this competition is free, so sign up and find out if you will be sipping free coffee next year.

Four-Night Ski Trip to La Plagne

Have you ever wanted to go on a ski trip to the Alps? The competition by Stylist is offering people the chance to win a four-night ski trip to La Plagne for two lucky individuals. This part of France is home to some of the best slopes for skiing in Europe, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to get involved in the competition before it shuts.

£500 Gigi & Olive Vouchers

Sheerluxe has partnered with Gigi & Olive and held a competition for one lucky person to win £500 in Gigi & Olive vouchers. If you are planning a wedding, this might be the competition for you to get involved in. You can spend the voucher on everything related to weddings, from the honeymoon and hen night to bridesmaid gifts. This prize will go a long way to help make sure the wedding is extraordinary.

Alpine F1 Signed Lamp & Mexico Shirt

The final competition on this list is for all of the Formula One fans out there. f1authentics is giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on a Signed Alpine F1 jersey as well as a signed Gear & Silver Layshaft Lamp. The winner will get to choose which driver they want the jersey signed, which means you can select either Pierre Gasly or Estaban Ocon. This competition is entirely free, and you can enter with just the click of a button — so what is stopping you?

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So there we have it; now you know about some of the best competitions in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in any of the prizes mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get involved with the draw before these competitions close and give yourself the chance to become a winner of something exceptional.