Common Obstacles Found On Building Sites And How To Overcome Them: A Guide

14th April 2022

The construction industry is one of the biggest in the country. Without it, we would not have the building and establishments which we call home, or reside in for work. A powerhouse of our economy, this is an industry that worked throughout the numerous lockdowns we endured in recent years, ensuring that projects were kept on track and completed.

While this is the case, it is worth understanding this is not an industry that is perfect. Much like others out there, the construction industry faces a great deal of obstacles and issues, which can impact projects big and small. That being the case, there are ways to overcome said obstacles, and we will be covering some of those here today. Continue to discover more!


Skills Shortage

In the wake of the pandemic, there has been an increase in job vacancies. As businesses began to hire once again, there were jobs to fill, which meant finding people to fill these vacancies. While some industries are not fussy about who they hire, those like the construction industries require a certain skill set to succeed.

While some individuals learn these skills on the job, it is also important to note that some vacancies must be filled by people with these existing skills. After all, those who need training on the job need someone already trained to pass on the information and knowledge required. This is an obstacle that the construction industry has faced in recent months; there is simply a lack of individuals out there who can fill these vacancies.

Knowing how to overcome an obstacle like this is easier said than done. Recruiters for the construction industry might find themselves at a bit of a dead-end regarding this type of thing, but all hope is not lost! Consider focusing your recruiting efforts on those who are semi-trained, providing the opportunity to fill some available vacancies while also offering training opportunities. Collaborating with local schools and colleges for vocational opportunities is also worth considering and gives you a pool of up-and-coming, interested individuals to choose from.


Protected Wildlife Habitats

While this might not be applicable to all building and construction sites out there, it will be related to by others, so it is well worth mentioning in this piece all the same. Construction site managers and developers are well aware of the rules and regulations that they must comply with daily, including the likes of protecting any wildlife in the vicinity of their project. Understanding what you must do to protect any protected wildlife residing on your construction site is important, and can make the difference between you receiving a hefty fine or not.

Firstly, you should inspect your construction site; this will give you a better idea of what wildlife is there, and provide you with the crucial information required when navigating a process like this. You should do what you can to leave the wildlife alone, for disturbing them could also be detrimental. Depending on the location of your construction site will depend on what survey or inspection you need to undertake, with those located in the south of the country potentially needing a reptile survey. Reptiles native to the UK are protected species; using services from Arbtech will ensure these species remain as protected as possible throughout the process, while also ensuring your project remains on track.


Lack Of Building Materials

It goes without saying, but buildings cannot be erected without the right construction materials. Having the right materials on site seems like a bit of a given and somewhat obvious, but it is also someplace where construction sites have fallen. A lack of building materials is an obstacle that many projects face, particularly in recent times when the import and export of certain goods have taken a hit.

Delays in the importing of certain materials understandably has an impact on the overall timeline of a project. Meanwhile, there could even be the circumstance when a material is no longer available, due to several reasons. While we have no doubt this is an obstacle that no construction project manager wants to face, it is something worth considering all the same. As something out of your control, you should think about alternatives to the material you intend to use and have them on the backburner as a backup plan should things go south. Nothing stops you from even purchasing some just to be sure; after all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finding alternative materials to use in your project ensures that you are keeping things on track. In some instances, it could even mean that your project is more environmentally friendly than others. Comparing costs and finding something that is similar in cost will ensure that you stick to your budget too. Speaking of budgets, this takes us to the final section of this piece.


Lack Of Budget

Budgeting for projects of this magnitude is quite the challenge, and is an obstacle that most might face. Undoubtedly, constructing a building is rather costly; there are so many components to the project, each as important as the next. While you would naturally want to save money where you can in a project like this, you also want to ensure that you are not cutting corners and sacrificing on quality in any way. What’s more, you want to make sure that you do not run out of money when completing your project; the last thing you want is to be partway through, only to discover you cannot complete what you set out to do.

It seems somewhat obvious, but to overcome an obstacle like this, you should do what you can to set out a project budget, and do your utmost to stick to it. Figuring out the costs and balancing the books before kicking off the project is the best way of doing this, as well as establishing any routes for income too. Ensuring that materials and employees are paid for are crucial outgoings to list, alongside any outsourced services that you might use.


Understandably, there are several other obstacles that can be found on a construction site; this piece has merely scratched the surface. That being said, we hope you have been enlightened and have a better understanding of what you should think about in your own construction efforts, both now and in the future.