What colour is Damien? Conservative chiefs are offering “Colour Councellor” to help candidates “Take Control” of their images

24th October 2018

As part of its plans to boost Tory chances in marginal seats, the Conservative Party is now offering candidates the chance to spruce up their appearances with special one-on-one sessions with ‘Colour Counsellor’ Jules Standish.

Jules is a “colour & style expert passionate about getting men and women into their true colours to look their best and feel good every day, by putting personalities on display and turning faults into assets”.

Maybe Conservative candidates might need a little more than just a colour revamp to “feel good every day” about the possible four year grind in a marginal seat before the next General Election – but it might bring a little colour to their cheeks while they are batting away? 

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For only £30, Conservative parliamentary candidates have been offered the chance to “discover how to mindfully take control” of their image “through colour and style to ensure ultimate well-being in success.”

Traditionally, the only colour which Conservative candidates have needed used to be blue but Southport residents have noticed and commented on the fact that Damiene Moore’s political pamphlets have largely abandoned blue in favour of a deep green. 

Could OTS readers provide Damien Moore with better colour guidance than Jules Standish for free?