Cllr Dawson helps Southport residents over pothole issue

Last week OTS run a story “Botched up pothole issue Lulworth Road Southport Take 4”  (See Below.  OTS News can now confirm that action will be taken after Southport Lib Dem Cllr Tony Dawson took up the complaint after reading the article on OTS News.   Cllr Dawson has contacted Service Manager, Alan Hogan of CAPITA SYMONDS Highways and Infrastructure who is now dealing with the issue.

Original news story

Botched up pothole issue Lulworth Road Southport Take 4   A botched up pothole outside 5,Lulworth Road, Southport that has been repaired three times in the past six months has now sunk again causing more problems for road users.   In the past nearby residents reported the pothole issue to OTS News and have been delighted with instant response that came from the OTS news report.   Well you guessed it; the pothole has sunk again and is a danger to motorbike riders using the main route into and out of Southport.   Shame on Sefton Council!

Email sent to Alan Hogan of CAPITA SYMONDS from Cllr Dawson reads……..

My attention has been drawn to a frequently-repaired pothole outside 5, Lulworth Road, Birkdale that is showing signs of being a recurrent safety issue, especially for motorcyclists. It seems fairly obvious that the cause of the depression is eroding away below the surface, hence not supporting the tarmac.   I would be grateful if you could give this issue your early attention, hopefully with investigation to locate the cause of the problem so that the matter does not have to be readdressed in the near future.   Thank you   (Cllr)Tony Dawson

Email reply from Alan Hogan of CAPITA SYMONDS to Cllr Dawson (7th January 2013) reads……..

Dear Cllr Dawson,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the above.

We’ll assess the location and will come back to you with our findings shortly.

Regards Alan


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