Civil enforcement officers in Southport are now wearing ‘Body Cameras’ to help catch anti-social motorists who abuse them.

Civil enforcement officers (CEOs) – also known as traffic wardens – now wear video cameras that can record footage for up to eight hours at the flick of a switch.

The cameras, which sit in a harness attached to the traffic warden’s high-vis jacket, will not only act as a deterrent to would-be attackers, but also will give police vital video evidence to help convict criminals who threaten or assault officers.

The lightweight body camera is weather resistant and water-proof, records in high definition and has an automatic microphone that captures clear audio. It is expected that four to five hours of footage will be taped every week – but officers will only press the record button if they feel threatened or are in situations where they could be harmed.

The decision to introduce the cameras comes after a sharp rise in the number of assaults on traffic wardens in recent years. The number of verbal and physical attacks on parking wardens has more than doubled since 2008.

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