Churchtown road littered with dog sh@t

26th December 2017

A Churchtown dog walker has blasted Sefton Council over the state of overflowing bins in the area.

Gary Burgess, said “On one occasion he cleared 30 bags of dog excrement left next to a bin already bursting with dog waste”.

Mr Burgess added that his attempts to raise the matter with Sefton Council have been thwarted as nobody has answered his telephone calls despite him hanging on the line for 20 minutes”.

Sefton Council said it has limited resources due to funding cuts.

Mr Burgess added: “This is a recurring problem on Churchgate, bins are things that need addressing – the bins are overflowing with dog sh#t all over the place.

“I went down there last Thursday and the bins were full to the top.

“I went down today and they were still full and there were about 35 bags of dog mess.

“You can’t speak to anyone (at Sefton council).

“It rang off about 20 times.

“I must have waited 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone.

“Dog owners are doing their bit but Sefton Council are letting us down”