Churchtown Gin has arrived!

Churchtown Gin has arrived!

24 regulars from Churchtown descended on the Remedy Bar, Churchtown last night for a taste competition to choose Churchtown Gin.

Hosted by Susannah Porter (Remedy Bar) and Damian Bond (Birkdale Craft Distillery), the evening started with some Churchtown vs Birkdale rivalry, when in his introduction Damian almost referred to choosing Birkdale instead of Churchtown gin, to be greeted with good natured gasps of horror. That set the tone for the evening.

Following a brief introduction to the history of gin, including the origin of the phrase “Dutch courage”, 5 blends were tasted and scored against 4 technical criteria. It was clear that 2 were favourites and scored 77% and 78% of the technical scores. With such a close margin, the decision fell to a 2nd criteria of which one was voted the favourite, which turned out to be the one with the slightly lower score. Interestingly, whilst almost everyone says they like Juniper and its their favourite flavour in gin, the blend that has consistently scored the worst over all 4 tastings contains the highest levels of Juniper.

There was no charge for the event, but participants were invited to make a donation to charity with the proceeds going to ParkinsonsUK. In addition the very first bottle of Churchtown gin was blended on the premises and auctioned. The Churchtown vs Birkdale rivalry emerged once again when all the charitable donations had been added up and were found to be £20 less than the previous record of £355 from the Tea Rooms in – you guessed it – Birkdale Village. Churchtown could not resist this affront, so a further whip round had pound coins flying from all directions bringing the final total to an amazing £376. This brings the total collected to date for ParkinsonsUK from gin tasting events to £1,289.46.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Churchtown gin is now available by the glass in the Remedy Bar, Churchtown, Remedy Bar, Southport and by the bottle in the Churchtown Deli.

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