Residents at Dalemain House on Westcliffe Road Birkdale Southport enjoyed a very festive Christmas lunch in December 2019.

Residents were joined by family for an afternoon of food and drink provided by the staff.

Decorations were up and Christmas music playing, staff and some guests sporting Christmas jumpers full of Christmas cheer and in the mood for what was a fantastic afternoon.

The care home had Christmas trees up and decorations inside and out , huge effort had been mad for Christmas 2019.

All guests were greeted by staff and shown into one of the dining rooms which was beautifully decorated with full table settings and offered a menu of drinks including alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Christmas crackers were also on the tables for guests to enjoy a joke and a Christmas hat!

The menu had a choice of starters followed by a full Turkey Christmas dinner. Then options for dessert, it was certainly a great for all.

All residents were really enjoying the food and soaking up the Christmas atmosphere and clearly enjoying some special times with friends and family.

After sitting and chatting to a number of residents they expressed to me how happy this day made them , and how grateful they were to all the staff who were so attentive and clearly had being planning this day for some time.

Guests also expressed to me how special it was to be invited into the assisted living facility and how fabulous the food was.

Lots of pictures were taken by family members to have for keepsake memories.

The staff would like to thank all family that attended that day to help make it a huge success .
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Dalemain house has a reputation for high standards and quality.
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