Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 25 ‘A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES’

22nd March 2015

MPs and Bankers being awarded millions of pounds in bonuses on top of their astronomical salaries:

I asked once in a blog ‘Who are the Real Gangsters?’ Well obviously these are and they’ve got a very significant protection that is the law and legal society are on their side. Why is this?

These ‘pillars of society’ are really the criminals or gangsters! They are abusing the trust of and stealing money from the people of this country to award themselves vast riches.

I’ve been classed in the past as a ruthless gangster, safe breaker, bank robber and whatever else but since becoming reformed and leading an honest way of life I have realised that no matter which party is in government; having been voted for and representing the working men and women of this country who are law abiding citizens, they get their feet under the table in Westminster and forget all about looking after these constituents. With their enormous salaries, expensive second homes and all the freebies they award themselves it’s alright them laying down the law to the ordinary hard working man/woman in the street living in over-crowded council houses even being made to pay tax on any spare room they may have. We even have ex-military who have gone off to God knows where to serve this country struggling to make ends meet and have to resort to food banks. Surely this can’t be right?

I have found it so very hard to live an honest life and I don’t know how these decent hardworking people do it. Some have struggled for years working and paying their taxes to keep these so called pillars of society; bankers, MPs and other people of so called importance up there in their ivory towers. After considering all of this I have said I could never have lived an honest life.

In the early years I had to steal to put food on the family table but then as I progressed I got used to having money and the good things it could buy and I wanted to always feel how it was to be rich and have money to spend like there was no tomorrow. And I did sample all the luxuries of life but I was classed as a gangster, robber or whatever else they called me due to some of the crimes I committed. However, these crimes were only committed against the rich; I never robbed from the poor, working class and honest, upright citizens of this country which is why I could sleep at night with a clear conscience. I speak the truth here and all of this can be corroborated it can be checked by anyone.

What I am getting at here is that the majority of the rich are stealing from the poor; which is why they remain so rich. The laws they create protect them from going to jail for these crimes against the public. If I did have a change of heart and robbed a bank these days and I was exposed as doing so I would definitely face many years in jail. I couldn’t return the money I had stolen and apologise stating that ‘lessons would be learned’ then walk free! So again I ask the question; who are the real gangsters?

Summing up; I put it to you that these pillars of our society are the real gangsters of this country!

PS: How does everyone feel about hundreds of English people living in extreme poverty and yet our Government still sending millions aboard to spend on foreign people?

Another point: What about most of our celebrities having millions in off-shore accounts and exploiting other tax dodging loopholes whilst making out to the public that they are good working people? As for footballers salaries, aren’t they absolutely disgusting when the fans are being squeezed dry for tickets to watch the game?



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