Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 22 ‘PUT THE BLAME ON WHO?’

When the great decline started to kick in on our council estates the older population blamed it on the drug culture.  They said that drugs were the sole cause of the lawlessness and the behaviour of the youth; but  for me I personally think that the kids of today have got it the hardest, unemployment is still rife; kids are leaving school, and some leaving university with some excellent degrees, and going straight onto benefits; and that alone is soul destroying.  

The councils are responsible for destroying our communities.   With their greedy ambitions and lame excuses the council started to sell-off playing fields.  The public swimming baths are being shut down, youth clubs and other important premises that used to entertain our youngsters and youths are rapidly being demolished; even ponds and woodlands, where kids could play and go fishing, were ripped up and filled in! 

All of this can only be described as legalised vandalism.   I strongly believe that all this has and is still being done just to enable the greedy councils to sell this vital land to private developers. 

When I lived in West Derby (an area in Liverpool) I can clearly recall a well known lord; known as Lord Sefton, bequeathing to the public the many acres of parks and woodland he owned.   He did this so that the public could enjoy them for years to come.  Years ago in my childhood my friends and I used to play and hang out on these very acres.  What’s a real travesty is that a couple of years after he passed away his beautiful trees were being chopped down and fish ponds were being filled in.   In their place private houses; not council houses, were being built all over this once beautiful land that Lord Sefton had bequeathed in his last will and testament to the local people.  It was supposed to be enjoyed by the local community.  It was supposed to be somewhere that the youth could meet and play and hang out together.  All this destruction and deprivation was totally down to the inconsiderate and greedy council.

I’m sure that you too will have similar stories from your own neighbourhoods!

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