Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 21  ‘EBOLA’  THE PLAGUE OF DEATH

Ebola is a deadly disease which has never been known to exist amongst mankind before; just like when that other deadly virus called AIDs was discovered. 

So far AIDs has wiped out over 36 million people, even though scientist and the medical experts have tried to quell it with vaccines etc the death toll is continuing to rise.

Ebola is more deadly than AIDs because the majority of people in western countries learned that you could protect yourself by taking precautions when having sex and always avoiding unprotected intercourse just incase you were unfortunate enough to be with one who carried the virus.

So far with Ebola there is no protection what so ever, just being in the company of a person without even touching them is enough.  You could just be queuing up in your local shop having just nipped in for a bottle of milk or the paper.  If someone in there has it they only have to sneeze or cough and they will launch it up into the air you breathe. 

Our country; our small island, is now vulnerable.  Now anyone could come over to us by train, plane, boat or car having contacted Ebola (and may not even know it yet) and spread it right across the country.  With this deadly disease no one is safe; young, old, man, woman even our children!

The USA is going to test people’s temperatures at airports –    incidentally, they are only testing at some of their airports for whatever reason – but what good would that do when this thing incubates for 10 days?  There are no symptoms including a high temperature until after that incubation period and by then they have passed through the airport and are in amongst the population!

Like I said though, we are an ‘island;’ so we could pull up the drawbridge and cut ourselves off from it all.  It would mean us shutting the airports, the ports and the channel tunnel but it would make us safe.  Word is that it would be necessary to do this for up to three months though and what damage would that do the economy?

Personally, I think this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Already in my lifetime, this is now the second deadly plague which has descended on our planet and each one appears to be becoming more of a threat than the last.  Vaccines, it seems, are getting harder to find that will combat these diseases.  Could it be that the scientist and the medical profession are fighting a losing battle? 

After all, the world is becoming vastly over populated.  Therefore could this be, and this is only ‘my’ opinion, but could this be mother-nature, who I passionately belief in, rebelling against mankind? 

I mean, it is the human race alone that‘s slowly destroying this planet.  For example; he is polluting the atmosphere, the seas, the rivers and the land.  He is destroying forest and other vital habitats and environments.  More and more animals and many of the bird population are becoming extinct each year.  When you come to think about it, millions and millions of acres of land have been stripped bare and concreted over and the destruction and decimation goes on and on.  I personally believe that man will totally destroy himself in the end! 

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Charlie Seiga

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