Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 20 ‘VIGLILANTE JUSTICE’

3rd October 2014

I looked down at him, he was like a cornered rat, I snarled at him.  ‘So you’re the animal who robs and beats up old pensioners hey?’ 

‘No, no, not me, you’ve got me all wrong.’

‘Oh no I haven’t.  Don’t be coming that game with me you fuckin’ scumbag.’

I told him the same as I had told the other lowlifes whom I had damaged,

‘Listen carefully to what I am going to say.  We know everything about you, where you live and who you hang out with.  Remember this, you don’t know who we are and you never will.  You won’t be beating and mugging anymore pensioners you fuckin’ animal.’

He started whimpering back to me.  Trying to sound remorseful he said,  

‘I’m sorry, honest to God, honest to God. I won’t do it again mate.’

‘Oh I know you won’t be doing it again,” I told him, “and another thing, those scum bag mates of yours, you get word to them that we are coming after them too.  Right now you’re going to get taught a lesson you are never going to forget.’

He started to shiver with fear and I said to him,

‘You know what it’s like to be terrified now, don’t yeah?  Like those old people felt when they were at your mercy!’

We kicked off with the punishment on the scumbag.  He got the same treatment as the rest of the lowlife got before him.

The blows came reigning down on him from our wooden batons.  After we had finished he was completely out of it and knocked unconscious.  He was lying there on his back both of his arms where out stretched Steve, Carl and Chris thought that was the end of it…. but not me, in fact the punishment wasn’t enough as far as I was concerned.  Unbeknown to them I had a sharp meat cleaver in the inside of my jacket.  I stood on one of the scumbag’s wrists and quickly pulled out the meat cleaver.  Carl could see what was about to happen and quickly started to protest,

‘NO, NO!!’  He shouted, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’

Steve and Chris just stood there in silence.  I had selected the right hand of the animal, the hand that had caused all that suffering to those old people…….


Continued in my book Vigilante.  A warning though – this book contains violence in the most graphic detail so is not for the squeamish as it might upset some people!!!

Sorry to disappoint but Vigilante physical books are completely sold out!

However, it is still available to download on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo…  

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