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This story is about myself, John and three friends of mine; Steve, Carl and Chris.  The four of us formed a close knit circle to sort out the low life scum on our council estate where the streets had become lawless.  Marauding gangs were committing the most violent acts imaginable including rapes and violence on the elderly.  There were also attacks on family homes.  Unfortunately, a lot of decent people have to live amongst all this and it had become an unbearable existence for them.

That’s why my friends and I decided that the lowlife scum who terrorised the women, kids and elderly people should be terrorised themselves but we took it a lot further than that; the justice we inflicted on the degenerates was swift and brutal.  We actually sherriffed our own community and became known as Vigilantes.

If you wonder why a man would choose to take the path I did getting myself involved in the most brutal of violence, then maybe when you have read this excerpt from my story you might understand.

It all started when a friend of a friend who was asking us for our help had approached Steve and me.  Some woman’s ten-year-old daughter had been brutally raped.  Now if we were to capture this animal I knew I would be putting him in a really bad way.  So I didn’t want to put myself and the rest of our circle on offer; meaning us being identified.  This then put us all in an awkward position because none of us could afford to see the woman to get the full score from her. It was then decided that Carl, who had a friend that knew the woman personally would be doing the negotiating with the mother.  The information about the paedophile would be relayed back to our unit.

To begin with, we were told the paedophile had at first started grooming the girl, it then led on to him intimidating her with all kinds of threats, just so he could have his own way with her.

According to a psychiatrist‘s medical report; which had been read out to the court, the beast had done the most unimaginable filth to the child, which is too sickening to describe.

She was now under constant medication and not only was her little body ruined but her young mind was completely messed up too.

This animal was about to stand trial for rape, but the evidence against him was very weak.  He had been very clever, like most paedophiles are, whilst carrying out these monstrous acts.

He had left no traces of D.N.A. the only evidence the police had against him was the little girls statement, but would that stand up in court?  Would it fuck!

This animal was going to walk free from court and escape justice… or so he thought.

I ask Carl, “What about the girl’s father?  Why hasn’t he done something about this? I mean if it was my child I would not hesitate, I wouldn’t think twice about the consequences. I would just kill the bastard there and then even if it meant me doing a life sentence.”

After I had calmed down a bit, Carl said to me,

“John he was the girl’s father, well her step father, her real dad is dead.”

Well that says it all doesn’t it?  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all stepfathers are paedophiles. There are some decent men who have and do take on somebody else’s kids.

I suppose what is the hardest part for a woman is finding the right man they can trust.  Some women can be so gullible when it comes to being charmed by a very persuasive so-called gentleman.

Paedophiles are masters at that game.  Here we have a decent lady, with a little daughter, she has lost her husband, time has dragged on a bit and she has become very lonely and insecure.

What does she do?  She goes and advertises in a lonely-hearts column for some male company.

In her advert she explains in all innocence something about her background for example, she is a widow with a lovely little daughter.

Reading an advert like that is a paedophile’s dream, a great opportunity for the sick bastard.

That is what happened here, she met who she thought was a nice, charming gentleman and married him, but underneath this entire masquerade was a filthy predator who preyed on this woman’s vulnerability.

Whilst his trial was taking place Steve and I had been sitting in court watching and listening to the evidence the police had against him.

As we were listening to the court proceedings and due to the way the trial was being conducted; I knew there and then, there just wasn’t enough concrete evidence to convict.

The beast himself knew this too.  It made me sick to watch him sitting there in the dock with his suit on and all smarmy looking.

Just because of some legal argument that his lawyer had come up with, the judge directed the jury to acquit on the grounds of insufficient evidence, just like I had predicted.

He was found not guilty.  He walked out of that courtroom smiling and proclaiming to some waiting press reporters, how innocent he was.

When the paedophile’s trial was over and a few weeks had passed by, we had done all our homework on that beast.

It was now time for the unit and I to put things into action.  We already knew where he lived, he had moved into some rented accommodation.  A house just by; believe it or not, a kids school.

I had done a stake out on his house quite a few times, watching his comings and goings.  Nobody in the neighbourhood knew his identification as that was kept a secret by the ridiculous laws, which have by the way, recently been enforced just to protect the likes of that filthy beast.

The night before we went to capture him, I decided the four of us should stay in my apartment and that we should move out first thing in the morning, which would be a Monday.

By doing it this way we wouldn’t arouse any suspicion on ourselves.  It was still fairly dark at six o’clock in the morning, plus there was less activity on the roads.

We had already parked our van in the area the night before; it had all the equipment we would be using locked up inside it.

Just before we had left my apartment that Monday morning I went over everything with a fine toothcomb, with Steve, Carl and Chris.

Carl was going to do the fronting up.  He would be dressed up as policeman and ring the paedophile’s doorbell.  Hopefully he would open it, but really, there would be no problem not when he saw a uniformed policeman standing there.  Carl had played the part absolutely brilliantly that morning.  I still remember what he said to that paedophile when the front door had been opened.

“Sorry to bother you first thing in the morning sir, can I have a word?  The station has sent me around?”

“You most certainly can officer,” answered the paedo’,  “do come in.”

I had instructed Carl beforehand that the minute he gained access Steve and I would be no more than thirty seconds behind him.  I also instructed Chris that once we were inside he was to bring the van around and to back it right up the pathway to the front door of the house.  Everything went according to plan.  Steve had gone straight up the stairs to make sure no one else was in there.  The beast was sitting down with a dressing gown on holding his two hands to his face and shaking.

“Could you please tell me what all this is about?  I have done nothing wrong.”

I put my masked face up to him.  My appearance alone must have terrified him.  I spoke to him in a low menacing voice,

“You what?  You’ve done nothing wrong?  You filthy lowlife scum.

You’ve got a short memory haven’t you?  You raped a little girl!”

He moaned back to me. “She wasn’t a little girl, she was ten.  I didn’t do it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this paedophile and this only infuriated me more.

“The judge found me not guilty.”  He went on protesting.

“Oh, I know he did,” I said to him sarcastically, “but he wasn’t a real judge now was he? I am the judge now, and do you know what?  I have just found you guilty.”

I had brought a pair of handcuffs with me and some tape.  We proceeded to handcuff him and tape his mouth up.  Steve who had been looking around upstairs had come back down carrying a cardboard box.

“Look at this!  It’s full of child porn, that dirty fucker is still at it.”

I told Steve to leave it all in there, but then I changed my mind and we put some of the photographs in the pockets of his dressing gown.

“Let the bizzies find all this.”  I said.

We quickly bundled him into the back of the van and drove towards the school, which was only about thirty yards down the road.

The gates were open when we got there and it was still fairly dark.  Chris drove the van inside the school grounds pulling up a little out of view from the main road.

We then dragged the animal out of the van, I told Steve not to damage his face or head, just to break every limb in his body.

We began beating him unmercifully with wooden pickaxe handles, his body was a heap on the floor when we had finished, and it was completely broken.

I though took the punishment a step further, I went to the van and pulled out our tool bag, and from it I took out an old blowtorch.  I lit it and then I proceeded to burn his dick off and the rest of his anatomy underneath.  Carl and Chris turned away, but I couldn’t control myself.  I thought about what this beast had done to that baby girl.  Who knows, it’s possible he might have done it to other kids in the past.  This then drove me on to mutilate him more.  Carl came over to me with his hand clasped to his mouth.  I will admit it was all getting a bit messy.

“John, John!”  He said, “Stop it that’s enough.”

He tried to pull me away.  I stopped what I was doing and stood up.

The animal was completely ruined.  I thought, ‘Fuck him!   He won’t be raping any more babies ever again’.  I walked away from the heap of mess on the floor.

Carl then sort of apologised, to me.  He told me it was making him sick from the smell and everything else.

“Ok, let’s forget about it all.”   I said to him.

The next move I had planned was to handcuff the paedophile to the school gates.  I thought it would be an appropriate way to expose this animal, on full view.  This we did, and to finish off, Steve had brought a big placard from the van that we had already made, we hung it around his neck.  It read:


It didn’t look a pretty sight!

After leaving that horrible mess at the school gates.  We drove the van to where Steve’s car was parked ready for the switch over.  I told Steve and the rest of the team that I would be getting shut of the van today. We had had it a bit too long, and who knows, it could well have been identified.  I also insisted that they leave all their masks and gloves in the van with me, I would destroy them as-soon-as too.  From start to finish, the whole operation we had just done that morning took less than twenty minutes.  Steve got into his car with Carl and Chris as I drove away in the van.

The next day as I expected, the whole of the city was confronted with the news about yesterday’s events, regarding the kidnap and torture of a paedophile.  Some news had gone nationwide, even as far as getting reports on television bulletins.  It was reported that a man who had been recently charged with child rape had been found badly mutilated, and that the police are now convinced it is the same gang of vigilantes who are responsible for other similar attacks in and around the city.


This book contains violence in the most graphic detail

VIGILANTE is available from:  and   and is available as a KINDLE and to download on iTunes and Kobo

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