Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 16 ‘TORTURED’

Some time ago I was accused of killing a lowlife gang member.  Subsequently, I was cunningly enticed into one of their squalid dens of iniquity….

‘I was in constant pain.

Photo above: This facial photo shows a knife wound inflicted when Charlie was threatened that both his eyes would be cut out.

My back had been bitten and torn by one of those crazy animals, he had ripped off my shirt and began biting into my back, laughing hysterically, trying to tear chunks out of me as though he was a mad dog.

They were all young, in their twenties, and I was approaching sixty, I had no chance against them.

Boiling water had slowly been poured over parts of my body and the skin was blistering and peeling off.  I was screaming in agony and cursing them at the same time.

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Photo above:  The scalding burns on Charlie’s lower anatomy were they poured boiling water over him.

I thought they had finished torturing me but then they strapped me tightly to a chair.  The blood was running down my face from the knife wound which they had inflicted on me when threatening to cut my eyes out.   This blood blurred my vision as it ran into my eyes resulting in me only being able to half open them.  One of the lowlifes whose name was Lea started to laugh then he shouted to me, ‘how do ya like that eh?  You’re not a big fuck off gangster now are ya?’

ots-charlie killer hyenas 1 southport ots onthespot ots

Photo above: Vicious bite marks from where one of those sick bastards tried to rip lumps out of Charlie’s back whilst laughing like a hyena.

He sneered and turned to one of the others, ‘give him the needle.  That’ll shut him up.’

The gang member he spoke to was a physical wreck of a man.  His skin looked like it would drop off his face if he touched it.

When this gaunt scumbag disappeared out of the room I realised this was serious; I believed he was fetching me a needle for heroin.

A moment or two later he returned to this torture room and with my eyes still blurred I could make out his thin and gaunt figure with sunken eyes slowly coming towards me.

Blinking continually to clear the blood from my eyes I opened them wider and the picture of him became clearer, he had a silly smile on his drugged up face and he spoke in a strange and weird voice to another one of the gang.

‘Hold his arm out for me.’  He turned to me then and spoke to me in a soft voice with the silly, stoned smile still on his face.

‘Come on Charlie, after you’ve been boxed you’re gonna feel great.’

I tried to recoil away from him; I had regained my senses now and was panicking.  I shouted at him.   ‘Don’t put that filthy thing in me.’

As one of the gang was holding my arm tight I could see this smackhead was going to shoot the dirty needle into my arm.

Now I really started to panic.  He brought the needle closer.

I started to struggle with what strength I had left but with the other one holding my arm tight I just couldn’t move and the smackhead was smiling wider than ever now as he was about to shoot the dirty needle into my arm.

I shout out, ‘ok, ok, I’ll make the call.  I said I’ll make the call.’

I had finally given in to these beasts.  Let’s face it, who wouldn’t?

I am certain that if I hadn’t given in to them, they would have injected my body full of heroin and that was the one thing I couldn’t handle.

The thought of a dirty needle, which could be contaminated with AIDS, entering my body, made me much more nauseous than the beating and scalding I had already received.

Nearly two days had passed since that perverted, sick bastard, Lea and the rest of that lowlife scum had mutilated my body.

“Charlie, we respect you as a man,” said one of them ominously.  ‘But you know who we are.’  He had a gun in his hand.  I immediately knew this was the end, they were ready to kill me!”

But their big mistake was not killing me…. I always get my revenge in the end, no matter what I have to do or how long it takes!

This is a true story as told in my book ‘The Hyenas’
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