1959.  Liverpool city centre.  “Smash and grabs were all the rage in the late fifties and my friends and I targeted not just Liverpool but other major cities too.”

Picture the scene:

It’s night-time about three in the morning, a Jaguar with three men inside; Charlie Seiga and two friends: Joey and John.  John is at the wheel.

The car is cruising down a long major road which boasts quality stores such as high-class jewellers and desirable furriers.  The Jaguar drives almost to one end of the street and does a three point turn, there are two policemen on foot patrol about 80 yards away.  The Jaguar drives away out of sight to the far end of the street where two more policemen are on foot patrol.  Again the Jaguar does a three-point turn and heads back to the centre of the street.  Inside Joey says, “We’ve got two bizzies (policemen) at each end of the street, do you think it will be ok.”  “Look Joe the bizzies are on foot, we can have it away before they can get anywhere near us.” Replies Charlie.

The Jaguar accelerates and then suddenly pulls-up with the engine still running and half mounted onto the pavement outside the jewellers.

Charlie quickly gets out of the car wearing industrial gloves and wielding a twelve-pound sledgehammer.

Joey gets out holding two 18 inch wooden pieces of railway sleeper.  (The sleeper was to prevent the grill dropping that sometimes was activated when the window broke, to stop bandits robbing the jewellery).

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Charlie quickly caves in the shop window and Joey at the same time throws the two blocks inside onto the display counter.  “Come on Joey there’s no grill!”  Charlie is holding a shallow cardboard box butted up to the window frame and Joey starts scraping the jewellery into the box with unfortunately, shards of the broken glass window

John revs the car engine and shouts, “Hurry up; the bizzies are on their way.”  Two policemen are running towards the car with their batons drawn, one is blowing a whistle.

Joey takes no notice and carries on with his work.  Charlie says, “Ok Joey let’s do one!”  “Hang on there’s more at the back, look Charlie”  replies Joey.

Charlie says “I know but let’s fuck off; those bizzies are getting a bit too close.”  John is screaming, “Come on for fucks sake, come on.”  Joey throws the box into the back seat and gets in and Charlie gets in the passenger seat.  The police are only a few yards in front of the car, they are  spread out trying to block escape.  John drives right at them but jams on the brakes pulling up just two meters away from hitting them.

Quote from Charlie:  ‘John was very sensible, in fact we all were, we didn’t want to run over a policeman and kill him; that would have been murder!

One of the bizzies throws his baton at the windscreen.  John puts the car into reverse but the other bizzie grabs Charlie’s door handle.  John reverses fast but the bizzie holds on; eventually letting go and falling to the ground.  He narrowly misses the front wheels.  Charlie says, “Go forward again, they’ll cut us off going the other way out.”  The Jaguar screeches forward but the other bizzie jumps into its path.  John brakes hard, screeching to a halt again.  The policeman grabs the silver Jaguar bonnet crest and keeps hold, not budging.  Charlie shouts, “Back up again and swerve him off it.”  The Jaguar reverses fast swerving at the same time making the bizzie let go.  The car speeds away out of sight.

Quote from Charlie:  ‘In those days the police had some bottle… but then thinking about it they were just plain fucking stupid, almost getting themselves killed.  Speed was of the essence and crucial in doing this type of work.  Having a high performance car like the 3.8 Jaguar saved us on many occasion.  Thinking back all those years ago; we were just three young kids who lived in , the fast lane and wanted a taste of the high life….but I wouldn’t  recommend it to anybody!

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