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Desperate pleas have been made for all major hotel chains in Sefton to install defibrillators.

Anthony Marsh, the Chairman of the Associ- ation of Ambulance Chief Executives, wants Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to be placed in hotels across the country after a new initiative by Premier Inn.

The major hotel company announced last week that they were installing AEDs in all 800 of its Premier Inn branches across the UK.

They can be used in case of an emergency to a guest, staff member, or even a passer-by.

Anthony Marsh, Chairman of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, said: “A cardiac arrest can happen to absolutely anyone; young or old, fit or not. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, not to be confused with a heart attack, they are clinically dead; their heart has stopped beating and they will not recover unless someone is prepared to start CPR quickly and a defibrillator is attached to them to reset the heart.