Celebrate St George’s Day, Urges MEP

22nd April 2018

Celebrate St George’s Day, Urges MEP

Local MEP Paul Nuttall is urging everyone to celebrate St George’s Day.

“The clock is ticking down to our shaking off the shackles of the EU and there is not better time to celebrate England’s patron saint.

“EU flags should no longer be flown at public buildings in this country and instead the flag of St George should be fluttering in their place.

“I have always believed that England’s patron saint should be properly honoured and I really do think St George’s Day should be declared a Bank Holiday.

“How fantastic it would be if it could be brought in to mark the end of our EU membership and the regaining of our independence,” said Mr Nuttall, North West Euro-MP.

“The Scots mark their patron saint with a bank holiday for St Andrew’s Day so I think we should do the same for our patron saint.

“The Welsh show their support for St David’s Day, the Irish enthusiastically mark St Patrick’s Day and we should do the same tomorrow with, I hope, many people wearing a red rose and public buildings flying the flag of St George.

“The fight for our independence is not over and we must fiercely oppose joining a Customs Union with the EU – which is not what the British voted for with Brexit – but meanwhile we have much to celebrate,” he added.