**Free ceiling and wood work on 5 rooms or more or full house redecoration until march 2015

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Whether you are a homeowner with a desire to transform a house into the home of your dreams, or a property investor pursuing a fruitful investment, the backing of trusted, expert property renovation experts is vital to ensure the end results match your grand expectations.

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We offer skilled, professional painters and decorators for any interior and exterior project.

We provide our customers with a complete range of high quality interior and exterior painting and decorating services including consultation, free quotations and general advice on how to best approach home renovation projects.


• Interior decorating
• Exterior decorating
• Wallpapering
• Small repairs
• Domestic
• Commercial

Interior and exterior painters and decorators serving the Southport and the Northwest area

At CDS we want nothing more than to make sure you get the home or office space you want. Our team possesses the full range of skills necessary, whether you’re looking for painting, wallpaper, woodwork or carpet installation we have the tools and experience to get your room the way you want it.

When it comes to painting your office, our decorators are experienced in creating a great working environment without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business in the process.

We work closely with office managers to make sure that work can continue as smoothly as possible while we’re around, and can return to normal as soon as we’re out the door.

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Support Every Step of the Way

Throughout the job you will have the contact details of a single project manager who will take personal responsibility for the quality of the work.

You can talk to him at any time if there are any concerns or changes you need to discuss. We rely on repeat and referred business, and firmly believe in taking care of our customers, so even after the job is completed we will be on hand to fix any problems that arise as the paint dries and the woodwork settles.

For a quick and easy no obligation quote please call today on 01704 827216 

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How We Work

1. The customer phones in asking for a quote after hearing about us through recommendation, leaflet, Yellow pages or the sign on one of our vans.

2. Our estimator returns the call and arranges a convenient time to visit.

3. After visiting the customer and carefully going over everything, the estimator sends the customer a typed quotation detailing what we would be doing and for how much.

4. The customer phones through or writes his acceptance to the estimator who acknowledges and books him in for a provisional date on our schedule board.

5. The estimator then hands the quotation file complete with all the relevant details over to the supervisor.

6. From then on the supervisor takes over, keeping in touch with the customer and letting him know if there is any change to the start date.

7. When starting the job the supervisor greets the customer and introduces both himself and the decorator(s).

8. He goes over what needs to be done with the customer whilst checking the quote to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

9. Once the supervisor has a full understanding he briefs the decorator, supplies him with the basic materials and gets him going.

10. The colours, time scale, payment scheme, security etc. are all sorted out with the customer.

11. The decorator carries out the job under the care of the supervisor and keeps in contact with the customer to make sure he is happy with the way things are progressing.

12. The end product is checked over by the supervisor and once satisfied he makes sure the customer is happy with the job.

13. The job is then cleared and left clean and the contract is concluded with the customer’s final payment.

14. If after a reasonable amount of time some defect is discovered in the job due to our workmanship, we would quickly return to rectify the defect.

OUR AIM IS: (Satisfied customers happy to use us again and to recommend us to others.)

For a quick and easy no obligation quote please call today on 01704 827216 

Email: cdsbuildsouthport@gmail.com

Website:   www.cdsbuild.com

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