A councillor has called for a review of the CCTV set up at Ocean Plaza, following a vicious attack at Southport’s Skate Board park this week which put a local youth in hospital.

Dukes War Lib Dem councillor Tony Dawson said:
“There is an active CCTV camera only yards from the skateboard park but it is trained full-time on the car park of the shopping areas. It can not be used for the skate board park at the moment because of dense pine trees between the Camera post and the Skateboard area.  Possibly re-siting this CCTV might allow both areas to be looked at, as well as the neigbouring Pier.”
“I was discussing SkateBoard park security only last week with Inspector Gary Fairbrother. He infoprmed me that most attacks associated with the Park actually take place further away from the Park as people leave in small groups. But more constant surveillance of this area would make teenaagers feel safer as it would contribute to identifying possible suspects.”
“There is considerable concern about costly damage being done by some skateboarders and bike riders in the Town Gardens area on Lord Street. If we are to succesfully encourage the teenagers to use the dedicated skate park then it needs to be both functional and safe.”
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