Cavern After Hours & The Perfumed Garden by Barry Cohen

Back in 1968 some weeks passed from a previous recording session at Cam records before the Perfumed Garden received an set of acetates from that session. One of the songs recorded during that session was a song called Cover Girl. The group were disappointed with the result and in the end decided, as they could not afford another £35 (a fortune back in 1968) studio session, to chuck the recording away and forget about it. For almost 45 years those recording lay in a dusty attic.

Now almost 45 years later after sitting at the bottom of other recordings, the dust has been blown away and the result….”Cover Girl” has now been remastered and is available on Rare Mod Volume 4.

Rare Mod is a series of compilation album’s available in several formats including CD. Vinyl LP & MP3 download.

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The 1960s boasts a veritable cavalcade of great musicians who are as celebrated in the twenty-first century as they were in their mid-century hey-day. But for every super group who enjoyed international success, such as The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers who called The Cavern their home, there are countless bands who have been forgotten in the mists of time, but who had its audiences enraptured forty fifty years ago. Cavern After Hours is the story of one such young hopeful, the bands he played in, the songs they performed and it reveals why the most famous nightclub in the world really was so special; the heartbeat of a generation. The story of these “epic fails” as the author describes them is, without a doubt, worth telling too, and in this affectionate and amusing look-back at the lives and loves of a motley crew of working class boys on the make in Liverpool, they are finally rewarded with their moment in the spotlight once more.

Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen’s charming musical memoir is a wonder ful read, especially for those who were equally inspired by all that the Merseybeat scene had to offer a post-war teenager. As well as evoking the unique sound of the era, Barry explores the social and cultural change that swept Britain at the time, along with delightful anecdotes and astute observations. Barry marvels at the fact that his Hebrew teacher was no stuffy old academic; he was lead guitarist with early 60’s Liverpool group The Tabs! An insightful and nostalgic read Cavern After Hours is the quintessential sixties story of following your heart.   About the author: Barry Cohen was born in Liverpool in the 1950s.

From childhood he dreamed of making it in the music business, but eventually he gave up playing regularly and settled into married life. From the early 70′s onward, Barry opened several businesses across Merseyside and North Wales. These included a number of hair salons, hairdressing product wholesalers and several discount drug stores. Selling up in 2000, Barry then moved in to the hotel business in Cheshire and North Wales, along the years those hotels played host to an array of stars including Luciano Pavarotti, Harrison Ford and Shirley Bassey. Barry Cohen lives in Cheshire. This is his first book. You may also visit barry Cohen’s website:


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