A Southport town centre resident is hoping CCTV will shame filthy people who use an alleyway by his apartment as a makeshift toilet.

Shocking stills from CCTV cameras fixed to an alleyway off Eastbank Street have revealed a series of filthy acts taking place in the alleyway to the rear of the complex.

The alleyway on Balls Place is teeming with bodily fluids and excrement after being used as a makeshift toilet stop by shameless people caught short.

One furious resident who has had enough told OTS News “I set up the camera at the flats at the rear of Balls Place and this is just some of the 25 people I caught in the last day alone using it as a convenience.

“The picture of the man squatting and doing his business is absolutely horrific. Women and children live here and have to pass that every day.”