Jonathan Cunningham MBE, Chair of the North and South Sefton Care Home Group representing over 130 care homes across Sefton and founder of the Care Managers Inner Circle of 2500 care managers across UK has predicted that social care homes will be devastated by a possible impending second deadly wave of corona virus.  Jonathan stated, ‘the Government’s recent direction has been confusing, contradictory and dangerous.

Scenes since the PMs announcement of public complacency will result in a devastating more deadly wave to hit our communities and specifically our cares looking after our most vulnerable. Regrettably, care homes will be on the front line of the fight.’ Jonathan has recently public voiced his disappointment over the lack of support for the care home sector.

The recent announcement of £600m for infection control is an insult. Inadequate funding, lack of recognition and lack of sufficient equipment and PPE has meant that the care homes have fought a hidden battle with a hand tied behind their backs.

Multiple care homes have been decimated by this virus. Jonathan said that ‘we are now faced with a double fight to keep our homes open.

The impending wave of virus that we anticipate will remove our carers and kill our residents and with multiple empty beds in our homes many care homes may be forced to close. We have never seen such a desperate situation.

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