‘It’s just one problem after another.’ They are the words of frustrated office workers on Hoghton Street this week after another night of vandalism on the much maligned cycle lanes.

Kerry Booth who works at a local firm wrote to OTS News this morning to claim that Hoghton Street was yet again littered with broken cycle Lane dividers and bollards.


She alleged that the bollards are a popular target for young boy racers and their friends who like to drive up and down the road smashing them with a bat like object as they drive by.

Kerry said “every morning we have to come into work and step over these dividers. They just get smashed to pieces and ripped up.

“At first I thought it might just be people who are pi**ed off with them but one night last week I was working late and saw with my own eyes a group of lads in a car driving up and down taking swipes at them.”