Photo: Southport MP John Pugh

According to national statistics Southport residents are paying in the region of £2 million pounds more than they should be on their motor insurance.This is due to the policy of auto-renewals which quietly boost the price of insurance above market rates.

it is unacceptable that those who are frequently least likely to afford it are being misled by motor insurers into over paying on their car insurance. Almost 6 million drivers are losing out by agreeing to auto-renew their policies, collectively over paying by at least £1.3 billion a year.

Those mainly effected by auto-renewal are likely to be older people, those without internet access and those on low-incomes. I’d sooner the 2 million extra unnecessary pounds spent with big insurance firms went into the local economy,

John Pugh is backing the campaign of MoneySupermarket to make insurers act responsibly and to encourage consumers to always check for insurance alternatives. “Insurers should act with the best interests of drivers in mind, and at the moment, too many people are losing out due to unclear language and a lack of transparency as to how policies are operating.”

John has written to the Ministry of Transport, and is encouraging insurers to adopt an Eight Point Plan, which will guarantee transparency and fairness in the implementation of auto-renewal opt-ins. The strategy for insurers involves asking consumers clearly if they want to opt-in to auto-renewal; making it easy to cancel auto-renewal; and using plain English when writing to drivers.

John Pugh MP concluded, “The time has come for insurers to be straightforward with their consumers, who deserve a better, fairer deal from their car insurance. There’s nothing wrong with renewals themselves as long as the consumer has to be given all the facts but that’s not the case.


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