Candidates confirmed ahead of May local elections

6th April 2022

Councillor candidates for the 2022 local elections have been announced by Sefton Council this morning.

21 of Sefton Council’s 66 seats will be contested when polls open on 5 May.

Throughout the entirety of Sefton Council, 15 Labour seats, 2 Liberal democrat seats and 4 Conservative seats will be contested.

All of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative seats up for grabs are within Southport, Freshfield and Formby.

It would take an unprecedented swing to wrestle full control of the Council away from Labour, who hold 46 out of 66 seats.

However, the controlling Labour party were forced into a late switch in nominations, after it was revealed that sitting councillor Janis Blackburne has been suspended from the party for 6 months.

Cllr Blackburne confirmed on her public Facebook that she would leave the party and not defend her current seat in Kew. She will retain her seat until election day.