Can you help renovation a Southport man’s home? 

A Southport man has made an appeal to help renovate his Southport home.

His home needs completely renewing from top to bottom so he has asked for a helping hand. Can you spare a few pounds and help him get his home back to a normal environment?

The go fund me page reads:

Hi guys and sorry to put this on here but I am really depressed of my life at the moment over the past 3 years I have been fighting bi-polar ADHD & EDD along with split personality disorder.

I am married and have 4 children one of which suffers from ASD and another that suffers with ADHD. Recently my wife was jailed for a fight that she had my wife suffers from depression and agoraphobia to which she never went out the house in over 5 years and had daily visits from the mental health service.

On this certain day there was a town doubles match in which I was playing and the mental health team said it would be a good idea for my wife to go along as there would be a lot of people with me and it would be a bit of progress. Anyway whilst out my wife got in to a fight where she had 2 lads and 2 girls on her she ended up biting a piece of ear off one of the girls and she was guilty and sentenced to 3 years prison and first offence as well.

Any way the reason I am on here is my wife is a genuine person and so am I volunteer for a local charity helping them on a daily basis I also help many people out when they are struggling and even if they just need help.

I feed the homeless by buying food from shops and giving them it at least once a month depending on whether or not I have money to do so…. I found £10 once and spent it on the homeless guys of town even tho I had no food in my house for me not my children.

I help who ever where ever and how ever I can and don’t expect anything in return but I have set this up because I want to renovate my property for my children and for my wife for when she comes home which will Be March of next year.

Every donation is massively appreciated and you wouldn’t believe what it would mean to me and my family if I can make this happen. My house needs completely renewing from top to bottom so I kindly ask of a helping hand and please spare a few pounds and help me resettle my family back in to a normal environment…… And thank you so much if you do manage to spare a few pounds and if there is anything I can do for you fantastic people then all I can do is offer my services to you as good faith and God bless you all….

If you would like to help you can donate here

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