Photo: Gordon Ferguson (Southport UKIP Chairman)

By: Tom Duffy

Two UKIP leaders have this week taken steps to overtake Southport’s UKIP ‘hangman’ Gordon Fergusson with the most outrageous statement they can make.

UKIP’s sole Scottish MEP David Coburn has labeled an SNP Minister a terrorist because he has a brown face.
ukip paper
And UKIP’s Stockton candidate, on Facebook, has been revealed to blame Gay marriage for divine retribution on England and Wales:
 “Britain is being battered by storms yet again, not long after the worst storms in over 100 years, whilst I feel for those affected by these “Acts of God”, is it God’s reply to Cameron’s Coalition Government’s un-Godly change in the law on marriage?”
It sort of puts into the shade Mr Fergusson’s proposals to hang every 2010 election voter in Southport who didn’t support UKIP.

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