Camping As Journey, Holiday, Or Resort: What Are The Differences

19th October 2022

Camping is a truly multi-layered thing, as such a type of activity involves many different options, making each new trip a brand new experience, especially if you pay some attention to planning it before you go.

Although impromptu camping is also a great way to spend time in nature, however, the weather conditions, choice of location, and the number of people in your group are important things to take into account so it is always worth thinking about key details of the journey in advance to guarantee a comfortable and hassle-free recreation.

With the growing popularity of camping as an outdoor activity, it would be misleading to call camping just a regular overnight stay in a tent. After all, today it can be a lifestyle, vacations in nature, traveling, hobbies (fishing, climbing, surfing), and much more.

Obviously, solo camping or a trip with a large group of people will be two contrasting things with different goals and possible activities. For the first option, having a compact TentBox and finding a small place at the location is enough, while for a trip with a group and large camping tents 6-8 people, you may need to spend some time searching for a suitable place to set a camp. Same with hobbies and camping, for example, fishermen and climbers typically have dissimilar camping experiences due to different purposes and surroundings.

Because of its diversity, camping is a way of spending time that is to some extent an individual thing. That’s why each person can find something unique here, fill their life with interesting moments, and get to know themself better.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types and reasons for camping: journey, recreation, and holiday trips.


When we talk about camping, the first thing we most often think about is backpacking and walking miles of trails in search of an interesting place to stop and set a camp. The combination of camping and traveling is the most popular and there are many reasons for this.

One of the distinguishing features of this type of activity is that such camping is completely universal. You can either go to campsites that are specially prepared for such purposes or set up a tent somewhere in the wild, using that place for camping for a couple of days or as a staging post before the next checkpoint. Traveling and moving from place to place provides tremendous freedom of action on camping journeys.

Also, such a type of camping is ideal both for trips with friends to interesting places you want to visit and for solo travel to take a break from city life and society.

Traveling with a group of people is fun as there are plenty of things to do, and it is also safer and more comfortable, because usually, someone in the group may have some experience, useful skills, or equipment, which will make camping even better!

At the same time, solo trips with a backpack on your shoulders are a fairly common option. Such camping can be both just a small part of the overall journey and the very purpose of the trip seeking solitude and rest. Here it is preferable to have some basic skills in living in nature, as well as find the best 1 person tent for rain and wind, that will prevent your plans from being disrupted in case of bad weather and also provide reliable protection from various external factors.

The main advantage of journeys with tents is the opportunity to discover new interesting and exciting places every time, which allows you to significantly expand your horizons, and it is also a great recreation for both the body and mind!


This is another common type of camping, but staying in a tent is not the purpose of the trip.

Such a type of camping most often takes place during various events, such as birthdays, New Year’s Eve, folk or state holidays, etc. Also, some enthusiasts even hold wedding ceremonies at the campsite. Therefore, the purpose of such camping is different from the previous one (journey).

When traveling with friends, you may set a camp in the wilderness or any place you like, while holiday camping sites are typically located near cities so that all visitors and guests can easily get there, and also such places usually have already a well-developed infrastructure, thus to have a comfortable pastime, you may need a little equipment or even nothing at all.

In addition, holiday camping also includes festivals. Today, many events are often held outdoors. These may be cultural events, meetings of interest clubs (like role players), open-air music festivals, and many others.

The main advantage of this type of camping is that you do not need to have some special knowledge, skills, or gear to spend a good time since here the tent and camp serve rather as accommodation for the night and a place where you can leave your luggage while you are engaged with other interesting activities.

Also, there are usually many people at such campsites, so you may have a great opportunity to make new acquaintances.


Having a vacation while camping is another popular way to spend time in nature. This type of camping is a great option for trips with family members, children, or close friends.

It combines the features of both journey and holiday campings, since you can enjoy your time in the wild, for example, somewhere on an island on the ocean coast, or set up your camp in the forest, mountains, etc., as well as in specially equipped places also known as campsites.

When going on resort camping you can do it even without a tent, if you have chosen one of the campsites for your trip, then most likely there is already an RV there, so with no camping equipment or gear, you can still enjoy such an activity.

The main advantage of such camping is the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, improve your relationships, as well as have great recreation, and gain strength!