David Cameron’s intention to reveal his plans, about curbing the free movement of EU citizens, before Christmas have been described as “his letter to Santa”.

“He can write down whatever he fancies in terms of altering this fundamental EU principle but for it will come to nought. It’s his ‘Dear Santa’ letter and will have just as much impact,” said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

“Angela Merkel has made in perfectly clear that it is non-negotiable and all Cameron’s huffing and puffing won’t blow that house down.

“As the latest threat from Brussels to levy late payment fines if Britain doesn’t pay the outrageous £1.7 billion surcharge by December 1 shows we are at the mercy of the Eurocrats.

“The fine for the first month alone would be £42.5 m and the rate would then increase by 0.25% for each subsequent outstanding month.

“The growing mood in this country is for us to leave the EU. People all around the world can see that but our PM still has his head in the sand. He should give us a referendum now instead of faffing around with unrealistic dreams of renegotiation which he might just as well put up the chimney,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.

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