Cambridge Road Supermarket Southport? (

23rd May 2015

Photo: Cambridge Road shops

Rumours of major retailers eyeing up a prime site on Cambridge Road, Churchtown, and Southport.

Major stores such as Aldi, Lidle and Spar are rumored to have shown interest in land currently occupied by a row of shops on Cambridge Road, near Churchtown Lights.

OTSnews spoke with one of the town’s favourite butchers whose business could be at risk, Graham Eyes who said:

“Rumors are circulating with regards to the future of our current Cambridge Road store.

In recent months a new landlord has stepped forward & shown interest in, potentially, selling the land and premises to the likes of a supermarket.

We wanted to make it absolutely clear to our valued and loyal customers and residents of Churchtown that we have NOT ‘sold-out’ to anyone

Rumors spread very quickly and facts are often misconstrued. We hope this puts the rumours to rest.

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