Call to Southport Residents to Get Involved in Town’s Future

The people of Southport are being urged to get involved in planning the town’s future.
The Southport ‘Town Team’ have come up with some ‘big ideas’ for the town which they are asking for public comment on by July 20th.
Southport’s Town Centre councillor Tony Dawson is pleading with Southport residents to learn what is being proposed and to put forward not only comments on these suggestions but also their own ideas for how the town needs to develop in coming decades.
Councillor Dawson says:
“The current proposals have been created in response to a need for the Council to bid for a fixed pot of money in a very tight timetable. But there is a much greater agenda which is “what kind of town do we want?” and “what kind of town can we actually achieve?”
“I urge the people of the town to look carefully at the Council’s website. See what is being suggested and make your views know, For if this is not done BY US it will be done TO US.”
“I look forward to the opportunity in a few months’ time to hold proper public meetings where people of Southport and their elected representatives can discuss the town’s future properly, including these proposals. Let us hope that idiocy over COVID ‘break out’ does not lock us all down again to stop this from happening.”
“The Council closed down the Southport Area Committee just as it was about to get its teeth into these big issues about the town’s future, and when we had over a hundred local people directly involved. But the people of Southport will find other ways to work together openly, transparently and democraticall

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