Call for Council to light up Southport’s Marine Way Bridge

27th December 2019

Over recent months Southport’s Marine Way Bridge has yet again been left in the dark.

Despited numerous complaint by residents about not only graffiti but the lack of lighting the complaints have gone unanswered.

One local resident said: “We have a beautiful looking bridge that cost millions but is being let down by the penny pinching council not replacing some light bulbs !

“There are that many lights out now that this must fall under the neglect category! I’m surprised that the BID or our local Councillors have not raised the issue as the bridge is very visible to visitors and residents!” has approached the relevant Sefton Council department but sadly they declined to comment.

Marine Way Bridge was opened to pedestrians at a formal naming ceremony on the 14th May 2004 and opened to traffic from the 17th May 2004.

The project which included demolition of the old Marine Parade bridge and environmental improvements has been funded from the Local Transport Plan, North West Development Agency and Sefton Council.

The main contractor was Balfour Beatty using a Jacobs design. The Architects used were Nicoll Russell Studios and the impressive lighting was designed by Jonathan Speirs and Assocs.

To mark the approach to the bridge, Sefton Special Projects commissioned a pair of Sculptural Elements which are sited on raised plinths either side of the road deck. ‘Exodus’ takes the form of a pair of waves parting to allow access across the bridge. The sculptures are fitted with interior lighting arrays to mark approach after dark.