Call for all childcare providers in the Sefton area to act now

13th November 2015

The controversial Sefton Agreement (for essential free Early Years entitlement funding) sent out in October is being looked at again, due to absurd insurance levels the council are demanding childcare providers now to put into place.

If you are a provider and have signed this agreement (or not) please contact Catherine Regan from Pine Pixies Pre-School in Formby, to find out more. Cath has asked for a meeting to be held with all providers and Sefton Council representatives, in order to discuss this unsound document. She stated:

“All childcare providers need to get behind this meeting so that it takes place. I am calling for providers to have a say in this agreement, rather than be pushed into signing it without the time to read and understand its content and the serious implications it will have on the businesses we run.”

Crisis looming in childcare warns Southport councillor 

One supportive Southport councillor, Pat Keith, wrote this in an email to Jacqueline Finlay, Locality Lead for School Readiness:

“I am puzzled and perplexed at the lack of resolution of what can only be described as a crisis for childcare providers over the proposed massive hike in professional indemnity insurance cover. In common with the providers I am at a loss to understand the reason for this demand by Sefton Council. Has there been a case which has led to this? An increase of the scale demanded could threaten the very continuation of some of the childcare provision businesses. I am sure you will be aware that it is not only the increase demanded which gives cause for huge concern but also the speed – or lack of it – with which this matter is being handled.”

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Please contact (Catherine) ASAP on:  01704 571920 or email: