CALL OUTS – 12/1/20 – 15:21 and 16:46

It’s been a busy day for our Quad team who, whilst out training were tasked by Holyhead Coastguard to search for a diabetic/athsmatic male who had not returned from a run with friends in Ainsdale sand dunes.

The quad team headed to Shore Road to liaise with the first informant. Whilst arranging further deployment of assets, the missing male was safely located and declined medical treatment as he felt healthy and well. All units were stood down.

No sooner had the quads refuled and washed off when the pagers went off again, this time to reports of a vehicle heading towards the tide line at Ainsdale.

The quad team deployed once more and located the vehicle, which turned out to be a local fisherman not in any danger.

The quads returned to station to be washed off and made ready for service again.

Well done to all involved!