In business for over 70 years: Meet Arcade Sports owner Alan!

17th September 2018

In business for over 70 years: Meet Arcade Sports owner Alan!

Southport is home to many long standing businesses who have stood the test of time. These independent shops embody the spirit  of our town and some can even trace their beginnings as far back as the 1800’s!  Southport is famous for its independent shops and this week Max visited Arcade Sports owner Alan Taylor at his Hoghton Street premises.

Alan was born in Salford, but moved to Southport in 1971 with his parents to start a newsagents on Queens Road (Now McColl’s). Alan and his family were attracted to Southport by its high class reputation and beautiful beach, the latter still being his favourite feature of the town.

In 1984 Alan decided to buy Arcade Sports and run his own business. Arcade Sports had been established just after WW2 in Wayfarers Arcade.  The sports shop was already well established in the town and it’s success meant it wasn’t long before Alan decided to open a second shop called ‘Arcade Games’. Over the years Alan has operated in the Wayfarers Arcade, Cambridge Arcade, and now Hoghton Street where he has been for the past 8 years.

A keen sportsman and badminton instructor, with over 30 years experience in the business Alan has vast knowledge of all his products which range from tennis, badminton and darts equipment to Airsoft guns and flat green bowling supplies.  Arcade Sports continues to hold it’s own against the high street giants that have arrived through Alan’s personal and knowledgeable service. He offers racket repairs and stocks specialist equipment you would struggle to find in the chain stores.

Alan and Arcade Sports are an enduring example of the fascinating independent businesses Southport is so famous for.  Follow our Southport Independents campaign on Facebook and see the website for more great Southport businesses.