Bumper BID deal praised by passionate businesses

A Southport owner in the town has jumped to the defence of the Southport BID, saying the organisation is ‘making a difference’.

BID chiefs are campaigning for a further five- year term to build on what they claim are their ‘considerable achievements’ and ensure the town ‘thrives for years to come’.
However, not all traders agree – Robert Rix, co-owner of the Master Barber’s Shop at Wayfarers Arcade on Lord Street, said the BID had been ‘inef- fective’ and urged local businesses to vote them out, saying that payments to the BID were a ‘considerable drain on their resources’.

But, Susannah Porter, who co-owns Remedy on Lord Street and in Churchtown, and who is a BID Board member, praised its work promoting the town, aiding the night-time economy and ‘creating and supporting town centre events that are designed to ensure Southport is not a seasonally dependant town’.

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