The Brexit Party WILL stand for Parliament in Southport in the General Election, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has revealed today.

Speaking on the BBC Andrew Marr show, Mr Farage said that he will not be standing to be a MP personally in the election but will instead tour Britain, supporting 600 Brexit candidates – fighting virtually every seat in the country.

Mr Farage says the decision to fight he election has been taken because Boris Johnson’s so-called Brexit deal is “a complete con”. The option of ‘No Deal Brexit’ was being quietly discarded and the UK would continue to contribute billions of pounds to the European Investment Bank. Trades disputes would still be settled by the European Court.

The Brexit Party leader pointed out that Boris Johnson had been shown to not even know what was in his own Brexit ‘deal’. Contrary to what the Prime Minister had said, under this ‘Boris deal’ Northern Irish firms exporting to the rest of the UK would still have to fill out costly bureaucratic customs declarations.

Mr Farage also old Andrew Marr that the Conservatives had offered him a seat in the House of Lords twice but he was “not interested in baubles”. He only wanted to serve the Brexit interests of Britain the best way that he could do.