Boxing Gear Essentials: What Every Serious Boxer Needs

27th December 2023

Planning to start boxing or any other combat sport? Before you enter a fighting club and start punching the heavy bag, you should know that boxing is quite a sports game for newbies. This means that you can hurt yourself without proper training and safety gear. Therefore, if you want to pursue boxing, you must think about purchasing essential boxing gear. Equipment of boxing is a must-have item in every boxer’s wardrobe to ensure ultimate comfort and protection while performing in the ring.

What Gears Boxers Need For Training

Boxing gear essentials include everything from boxing gloves to mouth guards, focus mitts to groin guards. All of these items are essential as these are the main sources to ensure maximum safety and protection. Have a look at the essential training equipment;

Boxing Gears

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves must be your priority to ensure hand protection. They safeguard your knuckles, support your wrists, and distribute the impact force from rivals’ devastating blows. You can find fighters gloves in different sizes and weights, each designed for a specific purpose. You can go for customization options too if want to make it the way you like.

There are various types of boxing gloves based on skill level and intended use. You can use training gloves for gym training; sparring gloves like Dmoose Custom Sparring Gloves, when training with a partner and competition gloves for actual fights.

Some gloves are manufactured with more padding and cushioning but can make punch power slower. So, if you want to blow a heavy, powerful strike choose light gloves with less padding and cushioning.

How to select the suitable weight for the gloves?

When you are punching the bag or sparring, you should always wear heavier gloves about 2 oz or more. The best boxing gear for training i supposed to protect your hands. 

Have a look at the following table to select the best gloves for yourself according to your body weight.


Under 63 10 – 12
63 – 75 10 – 12
75 – 86 10 – 14
86 – 97.5 12 – 14
97.5 – 109 12 – 16
109 – 122.5 14 – 16
More than 122.5 16 -18


Customization possibilities are a common feature of contemporary gloves. You can design your boxing gloves by selecting the weight, size, and color pattern, and even add a logo. Many people support this trend, which allows boxers to showcase their unique styles in the ring.

Hand Wraps

For protecting your wrists and knuckles, even the greatest gloves are insufficient. It is difficult to build a gear that will precisely protect the knuckles while maintaining adequate support for the wrists. By wearing a glove with hand wrap, you can improve the safety of your hands without sacrificing stability. But make it sure that the fabric needs to be moderately stretchy and protective. You can make this combination more beneficial by fusing both spandex and cotton materials.

Boxing Headgear

Let’s talk about head safety first. Punches to the head and face during boxing can result in fractures and concussions. Headgear protects the forehead, jaws, teeth, ears, and back of your head. Head guard save your face from cuts and bruises, enhancing your performance in the ring. 

For any competition, the first thing you must consider is whether or not the boxing equipment is approved by your governing association. If not, avoid purchasing it as nobody is going to take responsibility if any accident happens.


Here comes the incredible protective gear that secures boxers’ teeth and gums from any damage. A mouthguard saves you from harmful blows by distributing the entire power force among all teeth. Make sure to buy a mouthguard that is well-fitted and ensures maximum comfort while performing.

Furthermore, a mouthguard might be single or double. A single mouthguard will be sufficient to shield you from any blow. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to breathe easier, which will make it much more comfortable.

Boxing Shoes

Footwork and proper body balance are the hallmarks of boxing. It is crucial to buy the right pair of boxing shoes as protective equipment. The right shoes provide complete ankle support and keep you safe and protected without restricting your body movement. Always try to purchase lighter shoes to maintain your agility and quickness in the ring.

Points to consider when purchasing boxing shoes

Keep the following points in mind;

  • It must be light in weight to allow easy and quick movements
  • Should fit your feet perfectly with good traction and not be sticky
  • Made with sturdy materials to give you proper foot support

Groin Guard

Safeguarding your sensitive body parts is very important. Groin guard protects you from potential injuries and long-term health effects. The cups of these guards feature metal or plastic materials. Choose one that suits your fighting style. Boxers usually select plastic, while Muay Thai fighters prefer cups made of metal for maximum safety. 

However, size is the most crucial factor when choosing the right guard. There must be no wiggle room, and everything must fit exactly. A misplaced cup could make a hit more damaging.

Punching Bag

Hitting a punching bag is primarily an aerobic activity that requires your entire body. Not only is it necessary for any boxer to improve physically, but it will also add diversity to their training. 

Punching bags are of various types, each specialized for a specific purpose. They include heavy bags, training bags, double-end bags, and speed bags. Purchase one according to your training level.


Fun Fact:

For boxers, the steady rhythm of a speed bag being smashed is not only soothing to the ears but also a vital component of their training. Boxers can improve their timing and rhythm by using a rhythmic pattern, which makes every workout seem like a piece of music.

Boxing Apparels

Rash Guards

Boxing workouts are notoriously sweaty. Rashguards’ moisture-wicking properties keep boxers cool and dry, reducing discomfort and preventing sweat buildup, which can lead to skin irritations. Rashguards offer mild compression, which can improve blood flow, aid in muscle recovery, and potentially reduce fatigue during training. This can be especially beneficial for longer training sessions or those focusing on specific muscle groups.

Normally, rashguards come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs but if you want you can customize rashguards to express your individuality. All you have to do is hunt a good manufacturer and share your design with them.


Jump Rope

When you start boxing in any gym, it is necessary to jump rope. Therefore, it is good to get a pair to begin with. If you are clueless about why boxers jump rope, let me give you some very good reasons, these include:

  • Helping footwork
  • Improving coordination
  • Gives and improves rhythm
  • Improve cardio and stamina

Shoe Tassels

The boxing legend, Muhammad Ali,  started the trend of adding tassels to boxing shoes. 24 hours before one of his fights, he asked his company to provide him something extra and special for the fight. So, they added tassels to his boxing shoes. Many fighters across the globe are still following this trend and do add tassels to their boxing shoes. The tassels add a personalized flair to the overall boxing gear of the fighter and help him or her make a fashion statement. These tassels move here and there as the boxer moves around during the fight.


Some individuals would tell you that they are not crucial but I strongly feel that having egg weights or light dumbbells does help while boxing. These can also be very effective substitutes if you are training at home, or on a tight budget. 

For instance, carrying an extra weight while shadow boxing or going out running. This will strengthen the shoulder against the downward pull of gravity. Dumbbells also help in building up your resistance, muscle endurance, and hand speed with time! This is something that you will see many of the top boxing professionals use as they are shadowboxing.


Fun Fact:

For boxers, the steady rhythm of a speed bag being smashed is not only soothing to the ears but also a vital component of their training. Boxers can improve their timing and rhythm by using a rhythmic pattern, which makes every workout seem like a piece of music.

Explore Your Game Potential In Style

Want to level up your boxing training and protect yourself from head to toe? While you can start at the gym, having your training gear can truly unlock your true fight potential. All these gears listed from gloves to jump ropes will improve your skills, and take your workouts to the next level. For boxing gears that deliver exceptional protection and style, check out Infinitude Fight. They offer a wide range of gloves, hand wraps, headgear, and more, all made with premium materials and craftsmanship.


Don’t worry if you can’t grab everything at once. Prioritize what fits your budget and add on as you progress.