Last night a Black Mini Countryman was stolen from Norwood road with the owner of the car in the house

Last night Melanie Houghton’s car was stolen whilst her and a friend were in another room. Melanie was at her friends house with her 2 children to have a Chinese,  the perpetrator crept in through the back door and stole her coat with the keys inside, they then proceeded to drive away with Melanie’s car. The car and the coat contained a number of important items such as Melanie’s purse, her I.D., medication, her own university bag as well as her two children school bags along with a number of her childrens toys.

The car was a black Mini Countryman with a white roof with the registration number – PJ14 UWP

If you see the car in question please either call Melanie at 07733004752 or call the police – Thank you for any help


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