Birkdale woman set to take on Damien Moore in General Election fight

30th January 2024

A Birkdale woman is the first ‘homegrown’ candidate billed to take on Damien Moore as she fights to become the next MP for Southport.

Erin Harvey has been singled out by the Lib Dems to be their candidate at the next General Election.
Polls however continue to predict Southport will for the first time in its history become a labour constituency, set to be won by candidate Patrick Hurley.
Patrick, who is from Prescot, will face local competition from Erin as the ‘homegrown’ candidate as she lives in Birkdale with her husband and young daughter.
She worked for the town’s former MP, John Pugh as a caseworker and has since had a career in diplomacy and foreign policy, living and working in London, Tunisia and Colombia.
Erin said: “I care about our town’s future because I live here and am passionate about making it a better to place to live. I helped represent local people when I worked for John Pugh and I have lived and  breathed politics and advocacy in my career. I am now ready to take these skills and fight for a better deal for our town.
“Our area has so much potential but we have been failed by a Tory MP who hasn’t properly
represented our town in Parliament and a Labour party in Bootle who time and again put
Southport’s interests behind other parts of Sefton. The closed signs on our pier simply illustrate how we have been let down.”