Birkdale hill ‘should be rounder’ says community campaigner

Heritage campaigner, David Barton, has called for the reinstatement of ‘Round Hill’ on Birkdale Common to “preserve it for the community and to encourage the use of the area’s parks and recreation grounds.”

The Southport campaigner has issued an appeal to his local authority, urging them to restore and reinstate Round Hill, located at Birkdale Common.

Local green space, Birkdale Common, is open to the public and frequented by people of all ages, especially runners, dog walkers, and families.

The land has long been a community mainstay, and is one of the town’s
oldest unaltered pieces of greenbelt. It has seen dual and plentiful economic usage, particularly for international golf competitions.

David Barton raised the matter in 2017 when he liaised with Sefton Council. Alongside this, he also participated in a formal session at the Southport Area Committee, and has been pursuing the matter ever since.

Mr Barton said: “Birkdale Common has a characteristic ‘Round Hill’ that has
adorned this great expanse of greenspace for many years, dating back to the town’s
early beginnings. 

The community campaigner believes that reconstructing the green feature via specialised landscaping will have benefits for everyone, as the UK Government has encouraged more outdoor sporting activity and recreation.