A kind hearted Southport man who spends most of his free time looking after and feeding a flock of birds on the Marine Lake has found himself gathering a selection of fans.

Carl Milligan has been hailed by OTS readers for spending nearly £2,000 a year on bread loaves to feed a selection of swans on the Marine Lake.

He buys five loaves a day for his routine and is often never happier than when he is feeding the delighted bird life on the lake.

Carl is so committed to helping the wildlife he has even named some of his favourite birds, all after Clint Eastwood characters and films.

OTS reader Sarah Owen, who has spoken with Carl on a number of occasions, says he deserves to be recognised for his efforts amid the doom and gloom of 2020.

Sarah said “Carl goes and feeds all the birds every day come hail rain or shine and I know in these hard times moneys tight yet this man buys 5 loaves a day to feed the birds.

“He even names all the swans and says it’s a lovely bit of relaxation for him and he worries the birds don’t get fed in cold weather.

“He names all the swans after Clint Eastwood films. his favourite is the black swan he calls dirty harry ..its nice that there are people like this who care in these hard times.”