Bid to re-form the Southport Area Committee voted down by councillors

15th July 2022

The Southport Area Committee (SAC) will not be reformed, after a motion to recreate it was voted down by councillors last night.

Sir Ron Watson had called for the re-formation of the SAC “at the earliest opportunity.”

The SAC was disbanded by Sefton Council in 2018 after a report questioned its success and viability. At the time, the closure was met with challenges from opposition councillors who argued the legal methods used in the closure were invalid.

Last night Sir Ron said the SAC “was a success and enabled the public who often attended in not insignificant numbers the opportunity to directly question their Councillors, make observations olocal issues, present petitions, but also hear from other organisations such as the Police, who came and gave regular updates.

“Members of the public could also listen to the decision making that took place by Councillors in respect of a range of local issues.

“The case for the re-establishment of the SAC has therefore been made many times and is backed up with significant public support.”

While the motion had support from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Southport Councillor Group voted against the motion.

Members in opposition argued that in the past the SAC had seen a number of instances of constituents being subject to questionable behaviour from councillors and that many of the matters raised were raised again in full council, and it was suggested that the proposed role of a newly recreated SAC can already be filled by ward surgeries.