Betting should be a pastime; newbies need to know this

30th November 2023

With the amounts advertised in betting and the energies put in marketing the industry, it could be very easy for one to get consumed in betting, especially newcomers. For some reason, the welcome offers that accompany registration of new accounts tend to suck in new users and winnings fro0m those could be misconstrued that betting can turn into a career. One big advice to give the newcomers in betting is that the exercise should only be engaged in as a pastime, and not a fully-fledged money-making venture, to avoid stresses that come with not being able to win back whatever is staked. It is important that newcomers approach betting with the caution it deserves and a very clear understanding of the regulations, terms and conditions. The first line of caution would always be to make the right choice of bookie to bet on, and there are guides to this, to avoid possible pitfalls, and Sportytrader has compiled some of the most comprehensive lists of best UK sports betting sites for beginners, listing the bonuses offered among other features.

Newbies excited

Experienced heads will know what to avoid in their betting sojourns but newbies will always be excited by offers, and sometimes very difficult odds. A limited understanding of odds is the biggest indicator that one could be a newcomer in the betting field. If in any case you happen to struggle to understand the difference between decimal and fractional odds as well as how to calculate possible winnings, that is an indicator that you may be a newbie in the field. The value of odds also could point towards who the favorites are. However, this could be negated by team form, injuries and more. For newbies, there is always a tendency to lean on the favorites, as dictated by the odds analysis. This is another indicator of lack of experience in this field. Newbies are also likely to suffer losses in their initial choices, and that is normal. However, a top indicator that one’s a newbie is when they choose to increase their stakes to try and recover earlier losses.

Research time

Newbies also tend to only think of winnings and not the work put in, to make the wins possible. For example, they’d spend less time on researching over the bets they want to stake, and more time on imagining how big their wins would be. Research and analysis before placing a bet is always a key attribute for the experienced bettors. Team statistics, player performances and injury information are areas that newbies don’t put enough time into, only diving into betting without much idea. To get into the game and stay there, newbies must learn some of the top tips of the game. These include learning the basics of sports betting and having a good strategy when placing bets and not just doing it based on emotions. Impulsive betting has been pointed out as one of the major weaknesses of newcomers in the betting field. It would work better if all key factors are considered.