Best food delivery EuropaFoodXB

17th April 2022

Europafoodxb was established 8 years ago and today this company is located in Paddington. The company is known as one of the best services providers of the French market in their field.


In order to remain demanded, the start-up doesn’t need a big team  – only 30 people work there. All of them have a common task and this task is to provide UK residents with European products of the highest quality. Except for French foods, people may purchase products produced in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece. Customers have a unique possibility to get any foreign product they like directly to one’s home!



What is the purpose of selling European products to residents of Britain? Everything is simple – the company strives to bring back those pleasant feelings you experienced when eating authentic products abroad. You will feel these emotions again and rest assured every minute is worth it!


Every Internet user may buy products by simply visiting the EuropaFoodxb website. It is the place where all the foods are placed in different categories. Take some time to explore your favorite ones and ask questions in our online chat if necessary.


On the website, you can find literally everything you want. For instance, there is an extensive range of cottage cheese to buy. This category includes various kinds of cottage cheese with different flavours – from peach and strawberry to vanilla and raspberry. If you prefer plain cheese without additional flavours, you may purchase one at reasonable prices. The two of the most demanded brands in this category are Gervais and Activia. Other companies worth mentioning are Yoplait Calin and Danone Taillefine. These are choices for those who prefer plain cottage cheese. The format is optional – from 8x100g to a single one of 850G.


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We don’t take an additional fee for delivery if orders come from 50£ in London, and 70£ for Great Britain. BUY NOW at