Best Car Moving Tips From the Pros

25th July 2022

While a cross-country relocation is the most common reason for shipping an automobile, other situations such as an accident, an appearance at a car show, or a surprise arrival can warrant transportation. Whatever your motivation, if you need to ship an automobile, you need to know the basics of the industry before looking for best auto transport services.


You may take your pick between the quickest, most affordable, or most hassle-free route for your automobile at National Car Movers. Learn how to get your automobile ready for moving with these helpful hints tips:

Gather Your Vehicle Records

Find the papers the shipper requires to demonstrate that you own the automobile before beginning your search for the correct auto shipper. You don’t want to have any problems picking up your vehicle because of missing papers at the last minute, so it’s best to find it early in the process.

Determine If You Want an Open or Enclosed Trailer

How much you value protecting your vehicle from the weather and your money will determine whether you go with an open or covered trailer.

Take Advantage of Money-Saving Opportunities

The cost of exporting your vehicle is well-known to be high, but there are several strategies you may use to minimize that cost.

Put Your Keys Somewhere Secure

The best case scenario is when you are there when the driver from the shipping business receives the keys to your vehicle. There are alternative possibilities if you can’t be there when the shipping firm picks up your car. Leave your vehicle at a nearby hotel’s valet or front desk and walk about town in comfort. 


This strategy is useful for hotels that provide 24-hour reception desk access so that the delivery driver can get the room keys whenever it is most convenient. Keep the keys with a neighbor or reliable acquaintance in the area who can help with the handoff. 

Look at Shipping Car Companies

Since shipping a vehicle isn’t something most people often do, you may be curious about what to search for in a car shipping firm. Since shipping your automobile might cost you several thousand dollars, it’s in your best interest to investigate many companies and compare their ratings, expertise, licensing, and insurance policies.


Find out whether the shipping firms on your shortlist provide extras like oil spill pans, vehicle coverings, floor mats, and Tracking devices by contacting them directly. 

Think About Your Car Shipping Options

Suppose you’ve never used a vehicle shipping service before. In that case, it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with how the business operates since it differs from other services you could employ, particularly financially. Shipping estimates for vehicles sometimes shift mid-journey to account for delays brought on by traffic, bad weather, accidents, and other causes.

Inquire About Down Payments and Other Fees

Payment terms vary for each vehicle transport firm, especially for brokers. Some businesses insist on deposits, while others let you pay when you have the goods. Enquire with a representative of the shipping firm you’re considering regarding the safety of your deposit.

Talk About your Itinerary and Destination

Your shipping firm must know your timeline, origin, and final destination to organize the best route and services for you. Communicate with your shipping agent about the specifics that matter to you.

Check the Car Transporter’s Insurance 

You must inquire about the transportation company’s liability insurance coverage for your vehicle. Also, contact your car insurance company to see if there are any concerns or if you can get extra coverage while you’re on the road.


What sets brokers and insurers apart is the coverage they provide. In other cases, brokers may not even need their contracted shipping business to carry insurance on their behalf. Transport companies often carry their insurance. Don’t load up your car until you’ve seen proof of insurance or similar documentation.


The only way to complete such a massive task is to divide it into smaller, more manageable parts, as with any other scale job. Moving is a stressful experience, but with careful planning, a reasonable budget, and a gradual packing schedule, you may reduce the chaos that always ensues.