Best Bedroom Design Ideas For 2017

9th March 2017
Classical Bed Architecture Bedroom Apartment

Best Bedroom Design Ideas For 2017

If you are considering revamping your bedroom, but haven’t found the right design inspiration, find comfort in knowing that there are plenty of online resources showcasing the fantastic trends of 2017. Thanks to the ever expanding global network given to us by the internet, we now have more access than ever before to design ideas around the world. It is this access that has influenced many of the UK’s designers, and can also serve as inspiration to you to have Better Nights when you are redesigning your bedroom.

Put The Jewel in Your Crown

During the last few years, designers have leaned towards shades of silver and black for all rooms of the home, but now we are seeing more luxurious hues of sapphire, emerald, and amethyst. These are beautiful, eye-catching colours when applied to features such as velvet headboards and throws, and can even be spectacular when used as the dominant colour in your bedroom wallpaper. You can find some truly inspirational ideas on sites such as Pinterest, with stunning visuals of bedrooms with statement walls, soft furnishings in regal jewel colours, and great ideas for colourful accessories.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

One of the most bedroom popular trends of 2017 is the sprung edge base as it offers a huge amount of extra comfort in comparison with the platform base. Contrary to what the name suggest, it isn’t just the edge that is pocket sprung and the entire base is designed to ensure you experience the heavenly sensation of additional comfort. Although you will expect to pay more for a sprung edge base, it is definitely worth investing in this particular trend of 2017 if you value comfort above all else when it comes to restyling your bedroom. If you want to know more more about the benefits of a sprung edge base, you could check out bed frame and mattress stockists, Bedstar’s buyer guide on the pros and cons for both the sprung edge base or the platform base. This particular company sells an assortment of beds and mattresses, and gives great insight into the many different types available with their buyer guides. If you’re looking for stylish and durable bed frames, you could also check out Isaak trundle bed frames.

Classical Bed Architecture Bedroom Apartment

Drama Drama Drama!

Dramatic headboards are at the forefront of bedroom design and if you are searching piece to rejuvenate your sleeping space, a large headboard will certainly provide this. House and Garden has a multitude of inspirational ideas when it comes to choosing the ideal headboard for your space, from ornate regal pieces, to softer, padded options. There are even choices for those who favour minimalist design which offer a more masculine take on the traditional headboard. The site also provides some fantastic ideas about colour combinations to suit all tastes and preferences.

Add Mood Enhancing Art

Of the most important aspects of designing a bedroom is creating a sense of calm with the right art.  Think soft colors and soft lines in your art or perhaps art that evokes a memory such as relaxation during a beach vacation.  It’s best to steer towards matte finishes instead of high gloss shiny art in the bedroom.  The art you choose can help put you in a mindset of relaxation to prepare you for a good nights sleep.  A company like Bumblejax provides a gallery full of millions of images and has many options to choose from such as bamboo and birch to create that perfect bedroom wall art.

Real Homes

If you want to take inspiration from some real life designs, head on over to House Beautiful where you can have a good look around the bedrooms of homes and hotels from around the world. You will note some of the trends already mentioned such as jewel tones and giant headboards, but you will also notice the popularity of accessories, with minimalism seemingly being given the push in favour of spaces abundant in books, lamps, and personal nick nacks.