Benefits of E-Scooters

1st March 2023

E-scooters are still newcomers on roads around the world. Most individuals are still wondering what are the benefits of e-scooters. And whether this new transportation option can fit their lifestyle.

The answer is many. This new mode of transportation opens a ton of opportunities for you to make daily commutes faster and more comfortable. There are also bountiful electric scooters available in the market. All offer something unique to make them stand out.

Here, we listed a few advantages of owning an electric scooter.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The biggest selling point of an e-scooter is its eco-friendliness. 

When compared to cars, they produce fewer contaminants that contribute to global warming. It also offers a chance to reduce the number of cars on the road in cities. With fewer cars used daily, it also lowers the damage caused by particle pollution.

Improved air quality is another environmental advantage associated with electric scooters. With more people opting to ride an e-scooter, people no longer need to worry about getting sick. This benefit is most advantageous to cities, especially those experiencing high smog levels. 

Costs Less Compared to Buying a Car

Picking up an e-scooters is also less expensive compared to buying a car. And we are talking about the upfront cost of owning one. The average cost of owning an e-scooter is significantly lower compared to a car, in terms of mile-for-mile. 

The Bogist C1 Pro is a great example of how you can save when buying an e-scooter. It is a great vehicle for short travels and when you want to get to a place at the fastest time possible. This e-scooter features a single 500W motor, front drum brake and rear disc brake, and a 48V 13Ah lithium battery, among other things.

In terms of maintenance costs, owning an e-scooter does not also require you to break that piggy bank. E-scooters come with fewer parts and the mechanics behind it simpler. Due to these reasons, maintenance costs are not expected to be as high as when you have a car.

Easy to Use

How easy it is to use an e-scooter? The fact that you need not have a driver’s license already answers how easy it is to use that even a child can operate it. 

If you are unfamiliar with using an e-scooter, we believe it would only take a short period to learn the basics. Regardless if you are a teenager or a retiree, riding e-scooters does not require a degree in rocket science to grasp.

Additionally, riding an e-scooter requires less physical effort. Electric bikes, while sporting a motor, still require you to exert effort to propel. With an e-scooter, you need to sweat to get anywhere in town. This benefit is also attractive to people who cannot exert too much effort.

No Need for Parking Space

City people worried about parking space also benefits a lot from owning an e-scooter. Given its small footprint, you can leave it on the sidewalk or in an alleyway. With this advantage, you can also save on parking fees and rental.

If you want to not be bothered whether your electric scooter will be stolen, several foldable e-scooters are available. The NANROBOT D4+ 2.0 Electric Scooter can do that without sacrificing a sturdy build. It features a 70 pounds frame made of high-quality aluminum, which provides durability and makes it lightweight.  

Let You Skip Heavy Traffic

The number of cities around the world dealing with traffic jams is increasing. An e-scooter is the solution to this problem. It is especially useful if there are dedicated bike lanes in your city and whether you can use them while on an e-scooter.

People who think e-scooters cannot deliver fast speeds are completely mistaken. They now come with new technology making them reliable for riding to and from work or school. It also allows for quickly getting back from when you just need to run for a box of milk.

The Futura Zero 11X is one great option if you want a fast e-scooter to skip traffic jams. It combines the power and other benefits offered by a scooter and a motorcycle. The biggest selling point of this e-scooter is its over 60 kilometers per hour maximum speed. It features dual high-speed 1600W motors, 11-inch pneumatic tires, and twin motorcycle-style flood lighting.


If you are still unsure about getting one, we hope we helped you decide by laying down the benefits of e-scooters.

At Futura, we offer high-quality electric scooters at different price ranges. Each also comes with varying features that could meet your riding needs. 

Pick one now and enjoy riding an e-scooter today!