Beloved family pet attacked by trio of dogs in woodland

A much loved family pet has been attacked and lucky to escape without serious injury after being attacked by three dogs in Ainsdale on Friday.

Milo, a husky type dog, was walking with his owner Kimberley Croft in Ainsdale Pine Woods when three small dogs, all off lead, launched a vicious attack on him.

Despite being much larger, the gentle nature of Milo meant he did not fight back and it was only when Kimberley intervened and left the area that the ordeal ended

Kimberley said “Mylo was attacked by 3 other dogs on a walk through Ainsdale Pinewoods by dogs (a hell of a lot smaller than him!!) 1 being a bulldog and 2 being miniature Schnauzers, whilst Mylo stood there and did nothing!

All 3 dogs where off their leads and owners not paying attention allowing their dogs to bound over to Mylo and laughed whilst this took place!

PLEASE keep your dog on a lead. We do because we respect how big Mylo is and how he may come across as intimidating. I would also just like to point out how unfair it is that myself and my sister had to cut our walk short because of how anxious and intimated we both where by other people and their dogs, I’d also like to point out how it’s ILEGAL to have your dogs dangerously out of control of a lead! 

Baring in mind Mylo has been brought up with dogs smaller than him!! If this was the other way round and Mylo was attacking other dogs it would be his breed that got dragged through the mud.”

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